Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress Shirt Shopping 101

One of the biggest mistakes men make when wearing dress shirts, is wearing the wrong size. The collar doesn’t fit right, the sleeves are either too short or too long, and the waistline of the dress shirt doesn’t compliment the body type that it covers. Many men guess their size and never bother to take a few minutes to get fitted properly. The beauty of sizing in men’s dress shirts is that once you have been properly measured, you can almost always be certain a shirt will fit perfectly by looking only at the size tag and never actually trying it on. This makes dress shirt shopping even a piece of cake for the laziest of all shoppers. Once you know your size you can even order them on the internet and never fight the crowds at your local mall. Here is what you need to know about finding the perfect size dress shirt.
General Information on Men’s Dress Shirt Sizing
Most men’s dress shirts are measured by the width of the neck at the collar. For most men, the measurement of their neck coincides nicely with the proper sleeve length and breadth of the rest of the shirt. Another thing to consider when finding the perfect fitting dress shirt is to think about the style you prefer. If you like a more form fitting shirt to accentuate an athletic frame, go for a more tailored style shirt. If you have a heavier frame, the cut of a standard “American” dress shirt will probably fit the bill.
About Measurement Numbers Used in Sizing
British and U.S. sizes are actually identical for men’s dress shirts. The number you see listed on the sizing tag refers to the number of inches around the circumference of your neck. Small dress shirts are sized between 14 and 15. A medium size dress shirt is between 15 ½ and 16 ½. Large dress shirts are between size 17 and 18 and anything larger than an 18 would be considered extra large.
Japanese and European sizes are also based on the circumference on the neck, but they are listed in centimeters instead of inches. If you know your British/U.S. size, simply multiple it by 2.54 to get your Japanese/European size. If you are in a hurry and don’t have a calculator handy, you can add 22 to your British/U.S. size and then round that number up for a good guesstimate of your Japanese/European size.
Korean sizes are different than both of those listed above. To find you Korean size, you will just need to add 2 to your British/U.S. size.
Be sure to do a good measurement of the circumference of your neck before you go shopping, or find a good tailor to do the measurement for you. Always remember the rule that there are 2.54 centimeters to an inch to make easy conversions from British/U.S. sizes to Japanese/European sizes. This will ensure you know what to buy whether you are shopping in New York, London, Milan, or Tokyo.

Printed Workwear: The T Shirt

Printed workwear is a great tool to use to help promote your company's website. Today, nearly all people will head online to check out a company before they actually will buy from or do business with the company. Private citizens may take notice of the company logo on an employee's jacket, come home and Google it. The fact is, online is where many businesses can impress current customers, express what they can do for new customers and even turn those who did not like the company into a company that is doing very well. Printed workwear is a great way to accomplish getting your company's website out there.
Making It Work
Setting up a website is the first step. A professional website that provides details about the company will help to get the message out there. This message may be one of providing information about services, about pricing, and about the options that the clientele can offer. It may mean helping to show how the business interacts with the community and what it does to back up others in the business. Once you have a website designed to provide information as well as to capture the leads that come into it, and then have the printed workwear designed.
Allow the printed workwear to be designed to include the company's website. You may wish to have the company logo incorporate the website, or you may just add this bit of extra information under it. With a tantalizing, ""learn more"" you can easily get the information that you need out to the audience. Many times, the design that adds in the website is easy enough to have done and may not cost much more to add.
Why Do It?
What are the benefits of adding your website to printed workwear you are creating? There are many benefits. Here are some ways to look at it:
• The printed workwear attracts visitors to your website who may want to learn more about the services you offer. It is an easy way for them to get more information without committing.
• Printed website information on clothing or anywhere else will also be easier for people to remember. It is often difficult to remember a long phone number, for example. They are more likely to remember the name of the website and to give a call out.
• It also allows you yet another opportunity to sell your services to the customer who is not yet sure about working with you. If they have met your employee, seen your website but are not sure, they can easily learn more without feeling pressured at your website.
Printed workwear can include the website in any way you would like. For many companies, it is this same addition that can make a real impact on the outcome of the company's promotional services. Take the time to find out how you can incorporate your company's website on the clothing that employees were, or even the items you hand out. It could be one of the easiest ways to get.

The Popularity of Soccer Shirt

Unlike other sports today, soccer has a solid reputation as a fun and worthwhile sport hence it has an endless pool of fans from all around the world. The Spanish, European, and the English teams are enjoying the top positions as among the most sought after and best soccer teams in today’s generation. Watching soccer will always put you at the edge of your seat as its adrenaline rush and excitement are beyond compare. Because soccer is considered as one of the most poplar sports today, even the amateur and regular soccer enthusiasts are playing this sport for their recreation and hobby.
The popularity of soccer as a competitive sport prompts business-minded people to create different sports merchandise like the soccer shirts. Upon the introduction of this merchandise in the market, it drives a large number of people from buying this product. Wearing these shirts during soccer games would show your support and loyalty to your favorite soccer team.
These soccer shirts can endow the wearer a sportier look. But just like other clothing you buy, make sure that your soccer shirt will fit your size to provide a free movement. Also, it is important that the shirt is made from comfortable materials to keep you suffering discomfort while watching the game. Also, comfortable soccer shirt can provide you too much pleasure as you don’t have to mind the scorching heat of the sun while watching your favorite sport. But since soccer has huge followers, and they may differ in age, they too have varying tastes when it comes to soccer shirts. While some prefer the loose fitting shirts for free movement, there are also other soccer enthusiasts who prefer tight fitting soccer shirts for a more fashionable look.
In most cases, soccer shirts are short sleeved however there are also some who like to wear long sleeved soccer shirt designs. Some have buttons and can provide great comfort once worn especially when using the shirt on a hot sunny day. The materials used on soccer shirts would usually range from cotton, polyester, rayon and many others. Also, numbers, names, designs, player’s name and the team logo are included in the shirt.
When looking for a soccer shirt that you can wear at every soccer game, you can surely find in almost every store in town. Because soccer shirts are highly popular these days, you have to careful in choosing the right shirt for you. There are soccer shirts that are only replicas. Buying soccer shirt replicas are very practical because they are very reasonable. However, if you are a hardcore soccer fan and you have all the resources of purchasing the original ones, this could be considered as a big investment.

Football Shirt Store

Call it football or soccer, it is the one game that has won the hearts of millions. Today, millions of football fans are following their football stars by their looks, their dress, their behavior or their dedication. This can be seen by the sales of millions of different types of football clothing, shoes, accessories, and kits that are sold throughout the world. Whether it is in its birthplace, Great Britain, or in the most popular United States, football has its impact on the lives of millions. To meet this demand, the Fotoball shirt stores are growing like mushrooms with the original brands, and also their replicas.
Today, most fans do not bother to buy originals from the official teams, and rather go for a replica of the original design of the football teams. Apart from the official uniforms, the replica also displays the names, logos, pictures or captions of the teams. The most famous among these are the faces of famous players or their actions. Right from a kindergarten kid to a professional worker, everybody is bitten by the craze of football.
The season is up again, and the sales are zooming throughout the football shirt stores. People are looking for the latest trends with crazy designs and captions that support the players or teams. Some go even further and tattoo their favorite team's logo, name or design onto their body.
Although football is a successful game that has a growing number of fans, the fashion is very short lived. The football shirt stores need to update their warehouse from time to time to keep up with the models released by the official teams. In this regard, the football shirt stores are more inclined to bring out more generalized designs rather than keeping a huge stock of the jerseys.
These general shirts, T-shirts and accessories are more popular among the teenagers, who like to follow their football star. This allows them to afford the latest designs rather than shell out their savings on the costlier branded jerseys. The specialty stores which stock the official wear for the big teams also provide club membership for the fans and provide a discounted price on all the items purchased.
This gives the fans a chance to interact with the other fans and also keep in touch with the latest trends in the town. The internet is playing a major role in these kind of clubs and associations. Fans can access via the Internet and keep a check on the products and prices, and order online for the best price in town.
Some football shirt stores not only provide individual items but also has provisions for group purchases: for a small team, schools, or even bigger clubs. Most of the fan clubs or football associations order their official and casual wear from these football shirt specialty stores which give a better price for smaller teams. Keeping track of the updates and adopting them is possible through these football shirt stores.

The New Avatar of the Football Shirt

Football is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most celebrated team game the world over, with a maximum number of countries participating in it. A football shirt is a part of the official kit of the football club, and is attractively designed in colorful prints and exciting designs.
Originally the football shirt was quite ordinary, buy with the onset of professionalism it has been made to guarantee the maximum amount of satisfaction to the players. The modern day football players wear shirts made of polyester mesh with the rather special quality that they do not trap the body heat and the sweat of the players in the same manner as the shirts made of natural fibers do.
And now that many companies are sponsoring the more famous teams, the fronts of those football shirts house the logos of those sponsors, which results in a significant level of income for that sponsoring house. Some competitions like the famous Premier League require players to wear patches on their sleeves which depict the logo of the competition.
The number of the player is mostly printed on the shirt’s back. Originally the players were given a number serially from 1 to 11 which corresponded to their playing position, but, in professional games, this numbering has generally been superseded by squad numbering. Numbers are allocated to each player in a squad. It has been noted that many players are superstitious and they prefer to have a particular number.
These numbers are said to be lucky numbers by the players. Argentina’s Diego Maradona is one such example and his preferred number is 10. Similarly different players of different countries are shown to have certain affinity to these numbers.
The colors of the football shirts are strongly individual and hence at once recognizable as belonging to a particular team or a club. Generally these colors correspond with the national flag colors, but there are a few exceptions where the choice of the football shirt’s colors is dictated by some other factor.
In 1975, the Leeds United club changed from their traditional blue and gold kit to an all white kit which could be sold to the crowd in the form of replica kits. This set a pattern for other clubs also to gain a huge amount of revenue by selling the replica kits of their club’s official football shirt.
The design of these football shirts are driven today by the fact that the fans should look good when wearing them. Thus, these football shirts are acting as style statements with increasingly complex designs and color combinations incorporated on them. Recently, in 1996, the team Manchester United introduced a notorious grey kit visualizing that it would look good when worn along with jeans. But, later on it was abandoned because the manager Alex Ferguson said that the reason that their team lost was because the players could not see each other during the game.